Anecdote guys!

Last night, my darling tells me about her day, the shit at work etc... I feel she's stressed her appointment didn't go as agreed...

I listen to her, I agree with everything she says to me EXCEPT that for a moment I make the mistake of answering "Yes" by biting my tongue... Nothing bad, I have a pimple that bothers me ...

Monumental error!

I take a blower with: "You don't give a damn about what I tell you! Why are you biting your tongue?"

I answer: "Well because I have a pimple that bothers me Honey !"

I have a dazzling return: "Myto! You don't give a damn! You never listen to me"

I don't brague, I reassure her by telling her word for word what she said to me then I take her in my arms hoping that we calm down but I have as a final word: "Leave me alone! "

Do you recognize yourself, the darlings ?

Jade and Thierry

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October 06, 2021 — Chérie Doudou

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