With us, the Kinder Country go quickly. We eat them 2 by 2 and without realizing it, the box is already empty. But there, I had left one at the bottom of the drawer for him. A few days later, I still see it in the drawer. I hand him the Kinder Country, telling him that I left it for him. He answers me :

No, I left it to you!

If it's not cool. 🙂 So we shared it.

But since life as a couple is not easy, you would have seen us a little later in the evening shouting at each other (literally…) because baby still not sleeping, fatigue, misunderstanding, and that's enough for us get up in the towers (as fast as you put on the Kinder Country 🙂).

We take a few minutes each on our own (like the time to put the little one to bed or brush our teeth), we let the pressure drop, and we apologize to try to end the evening in a more serene atmosphere. In general, in these cases, there is one who asks for forgiveness, and the other who answers:

No, it's me who asks your forgiveness...

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"A couple that lasts"
September 29, 2021 — Chérie Doudou

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