Shopping… The moment guys that I don't like is like shopping, you stay 10,000 years whereas in 30 minutes it's over if you're all alone.

Let me explain, we men go to the essentials, you see you take point bar! At a pinch if finances are limited you look at the price, you spot the cheapest item you take it you put it in your shopping cart and it's done.

With your Darling, she explores every department and every item in the supermarket! Check the composition, read the label up and down, it's true that it's for our good she doesn't want us to eat m… BUT can it take less time? I don’t know…

In any case, it makes me laugh when I watch all the men in the mall, we're all pushing the shopping carts and waiting and above all you mustn't be too much on your mobile because if your darling sees that she says to you: “does it piss you off to be here? You think it's a cakewalk for me!!! Next time you'll go shopping on your own, you'll understand."

And when you go there alone with the famous list and the pen (which falls out of your pocket in the corner of the seat in the car), you quickly go well done EXCEPT that on the way back, your Honey tells you that you don't have not taken the right reference or that you did not correctly choose the right melon or the right fruit tray...

The funniest thing when we go shopping together is the male solidarity that is expressed when we meet 1 colleague (without knowing each other we automatically become a colleague) in the same situation as us. We greet each other with a look of support which means: "Hold on, good guy, only 1 hour to go!" Be careful, don't look at your phone too much, you'll get screwed otherwise…”

Brief ! Yesterday I went shopping with my little wife!

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December 08, 2021 — Chérie Doudou

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