Yesterday, with my darling, we argued over the house stains...

I admit guys, she does a lot (not everything as she says) but 87.87% of the house stains! It's not that I don't want to do anything, but I have to admit that she does certain tasks better than me and above all that she takes things in hand more quickly than me...

But last night, she broke down and burst into tears and there I said to myself that something had to be changed. The accumulation of work + managing daily life, I understand that it can be heavy for a while… I approach life as a couple like a business manager, a leader, a good father. Not in a macho way but more like the thermometer of the house, knowing how to calm hot situations, knowing how to boost when necessary, keeping your cool, all the values ​​instilled by my father. It's not easy every day but I force myself to become a better man and companion and next year a good husband (yes it's planned for next summer!)

So I told my little wife that we were going to talk and truly share the household chores so that she would be relieved and that I could support her. So we took a blank sheet, listed the daily tasks and we shared 50% of the tasks according to our “skills” and our desires so that everyone was responsible.

It's now been more than 4 months since we set up this organization in 10 years of living together and I must admit that it's not that bad. The only downside, and here I tell her right away, is when she wants to put herself in the position of controller of finished work! In this case I put a direct stop so that it stays on what we decided and that everyone stays in their sector. But other than that, it's going well, everyone does their chores like everyone pays half the house charges too, it's one of the decisions we made when we decided to move in together and we think it's really essential for the balance of the couple! We will give you our feedback on this subject in a future article!

And you, how are the stains going at home? Let us know in the comments or by return email!

Can't wait to read you!

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December 15, 2021 — Chérie Doudou

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