We decided that it would be him who would choose our son's Christmas present, because it stresses me out.

But then I got involved cause I wanted an option more ecological .

Then I saw that my option was fine more expensive than his.

Imagine the crisis...

This gave us a lot of delicate subjects to manage at the same time:

  • the education of our child,
  • the management of our financial resources,
  • environmental issues,
  • and in the middle of it all: our different sensitivities.

What are our priorities at this time? Preserving the harmony of the couple? Or be absolutely right?

The crazy thing is that we were each trying to convince the other of what was better for the child or better for the environment, and in this mess, the two were incompatible ! He wanted to be sure that the gift would please the little one, while I wanted to be sure that the gift didn't pollute the oceans too much (yes I know, I'm a bit extreme, but it takes what it takes). 😀

Suddenly we got totally tangled up and we ended up buying a gift that neither him nor me like :|. Good points :

  • It's second-hand so my eco-consciousness is fine.
  • I found it on Le Bon Coin, so at least we didn't go broke.
  • I'm sure our love Boubou will still like it.

The main thing is to respect yourself. To take it upon yourself. Too bad if it's not as I had imagined. Too bad if it doesn't help the planet. Or too bad if it's more expensive. Too bad if this toy is a little worse than the other. The main thing is to preserve our relations. We are obliged, in a couple, to make some sacrifices. To accept not to control everything. To agree to trust the opinion of the other.

I understood the lesson: next time, I leave all the responsibility for the gift to dad. Distribution of tasks version 0 dispute ! 😀

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A couple that lasts

December 22, 2021 — Chérie Doudou

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