When we moved into our renovated house, we took the opportunity to buy a new bed and a new mattress.

He went around the stores and promotions, I gave him my criteria, and he chose a good mattress.

Except that we don't have the same morphology, so I tend to have back pain and “sink down” even though the mattress is perfect for him.

One evening, we talk about it, I give him my impressions, I ask his opinion, and there he comes out with one of the most beautiful declarations of love in the world. A sentence that means "I will always love you", "you are the most beautiful" (ok, I'm extrapolating a little 😀 ):

Well, in 10 years, you will choose the mattress!

Isn't that the line of a loving, faithful and committed husband?

People talk about us "in 10 years" as a matter of course and that's what I like with him . We know that in 10 years, we will eventually have to change the mattress again as we have just done. We know that in 10 years, we may not have the same life and the same projects, but we will always form a shock team.

Thank you, teammate of love, for never having said "for the moment", "as long as it goes well"... but for always projecting yourself into the future with me as if it were logical and unthinkable to see things differently, and this since you were 15 years old. ♥

Besides, I don't give a damn about choosing the mattress, what I choose: it's sleeping on the same mattress as you.

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A couple that lasts

December 29, 2021 — Chérie Doudou

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