When we decided to live together, we chose to do 50/50 on all our projects. Our daily expenses from home (house loan, charges, shopping) our travels on major expenses (plane tickets, hotel), we even happen to do 50/50 on restaurants as well.

Personally, I'm keen on it (it's Doudou who speaks) because it really allows to bring parity if requested by the female sex and it also allows everyone to get involved through actions in the couple on all projects because that Like it or not, the main problem for the success of a project is essentially financial!

This has always been beneficial for our couple even if I do not hide from you that there have been several disputes and tensions on this subject throughout our relationship because on certain parts I put a little much more than my darling who did not realize when we were doing the accounts...

“Ah, you put all that money in the terrace? I too took part… when we take out the invoices (I keep everything!) she answers me: “indeed” or the famous sentence: “As soon as we talk about money it causes problems, I don’t care. crazy about money! »

It's true, money isn't everything, but it does contribute to it, so we have to talk about it without taboos because it's a delicate subject which unfortunately is dealt with in the event of separation... A notary told us that he advised all his customers to clearly distinguish the expenses of each because it was often a contentious issue when there was separation on who paid what...

Basically love is also dealing with issues that annoy very early in the relationship so that in the event of problems we do not go as far as separation... We find that it is beneficial because it concretely involves both people and nothing better than to see that your spouse wets the shirt and brings his part to the construction of their project, whether financially or otherwise. We often do not realize this difficulty but whether it is for the man or the woman, it is hard or even impossible for a single person to take all the responsibilities on their backs, one moment or another it will not be possible last because the weight will be too heavy to bear.

And what do you think about it? How is money management going in your relationship?

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December 01, 2021 — Chérie Doudou

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