Guys, the phrase you shouldn't believe when your darling tells you that she's going to help you during the work!

It reminds me of our first move in, we had to repaint the whole apartment, there was a disgusting faded yellow, we decided to put everything in white!

I'm hot I'm preparing my gear, she too is even more motivated! She has planned everything, put on her old jogging and her faded t-shirt. She is ready, in her eyes you can feel the desire, the determination, the abnegation, the surpassing of oneself! She tells me that we are going to fold the case in half a day, limit she is used to it as a foreman, she explains to me the procedure to follow!

She asks me for the stepladder for the high parts because she is too small, I tell her that I would do these parts, she answers me: "No! do you think that I am not capable? "

I answer him that no I do not think but just that it will be more practical I measure 1.87m and she 1.64m....

She replies that she can do it, she takes the roller begins to paint a first sketch and says to me with sudden astonishment: "It's physical, I'm going to take a break..."

3h30 later... I find myself alone to finish the painting and she assists me on the sofa...

I love it my darling!!! She amazes me every day!

And you ? Do not hesitate to tell us in comments your anecdotes of couple when you start work at home! We can't wait to read you!

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November 24, 2021 — Chérie Doudou

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