Big philosophical discussion yesterday on what is true love!

We realized that true love is not at the beginning of our relationship, when everything is rosy, when we kiss all the time, when we send messages etc etc etc… but when we began to have real and serious problems in our personal life or as a couple!

Indeed, we discovered that to be in love is to realize that the person who is by our side is there for YOU in any situation in life and especially the hard times, a bit like real friends... it's not for nothing that we say that his Doudou or his Darling is his or her best friend, his ally, his shield etc etc.

We realized that we love each other because we share a common vision of life that allows us to put in place actions to live our happiness day after day.

We realized that love is living with a person who will not stop wanting to make you evolve and move you forward.

We realized that love is not denying difficulties but rather facing them and overcoming them (you will tell us that it is a classic phrase but it is truly realistic)

We realized that love is not the bubbly emotion of pleasure that stimulates you at the start of a relationship but rather that startling sensation that takes you inside when you realize that there is no has only THIS person who is made for you.

We often combine love with the emotion of a moment, we think that it is rather in the duration of the story that it is most represented! Building a relationship, a strong story for us is truly what is called LOVE!

Because unlike many other things, we choose to get together, to live an adventure together, to love (for us) is to assume this decision and go to the end of this relationship (the duration we do not know but we give everything to be able to make it evolve and make it grow, that it is solid and that everyone is for the other his real ROCK!)

And what do you think about it? What does love mean to you in a relationship?

Can't wait to read you!

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November 24, 2021 — Chérie Doudou

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