I don't know about you guys, but when I drive with my Darling by my side it ends after 15 minutes of driving in... Argument!

You have your habits, you ride in your own way but when your Sweetheart is by your side, from the first turn you receive a comment, a judgment on your way of driving which is not good and correct for Her! Basically you take your driver's license every time...

So you take it upon yourself, once, twice and then it ends with a remark: "You can let me drive Damn!!!" Immediate response: Why are you talking to me like that, you don't have to tell me in this way ??? As a result, we get into a mess that puts us in a good mood!

It's worse when I drive his car! Even from a distance you have the impression of having your driving instructor on your back, limit you put your two hands on the steering wheel at 10:10!

To tell you, we finally established a rule (which is not respected by Madame) which is: "From now on everyone drives their car and no commentary."

This does not prevent him from commenting but at a lower frequency which makes it possible to appease the trips...

What do you think, tell me in the comments if you are going through the same thing? Do your women manage to trust you on the road? Girls you can testify too (be sincere, no female solidarity...)

By the way, we found a nice little keychain to offer to your Doudou or your Sweetheart => I discover!

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November 17, 2021 — Chérie Doudou

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