This sentence, we had to repeat it in 12 years of living together at least once a year!

Well yes, it's not a long calm river, you say, they are all beautiful, very cute, it seems that they never have any worries. Well it's the opposite, we've already had beautiful and big crises that almost went away with the separation!

We have already even gone to the point where we make an Excel table in order to know who was going to leave with the TV, the sofa etc etc…

But luckily we put pride and ego aside each time in order to start over and improve in our relationship. I think we really have convictions and values ​​about life as a couple, which means that we don't give up and above all that there is an essential element that holds us together: love...

We don't see each other without the other and the other without one

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Jade and Thierry


January 26, 2022 — Chérie Doudou

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