After a long period of planning, of work, we couldn't take a serious vacation. Always busy settling financial, organizational or other concerns, we were constantly in a hurry realizing that it was not doing us any good...

As a result, tensions begin to rise, arguments over nothing important, the alarm bells begin to ring, WE NEED TO CUT!

Even to cut, you have to make an effort, it's crazy because everything must be organized according to everyone's availability according to the budget. We dug and took 1 week to finally find 10 minutes from home a night in a cottage with bungalows with private jacuzzi.

We took 1 night but what was it Good! Talking about other things, disconnecting from our projects, just saying nothing a few times and enjoying the bubbles that massage you with a glass of champagne or a disgusting wine who cares! The idea is to CUT!

As a result, the body and the mind relax, we appreciate each other again and we leave with a knowing smile towards our new challenges.

Life as a couple is an apprenticeship, we learned a lesson, no need to cut for a long time, just 1 night is enough to reconnect with the other!

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Jade and Thierry

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October 27, 2021 — Chérie Doudou

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