Girls you know this situation that can drive you crazy when you come home tired from work! You tidy up the house and all the mess that hangs around despite the tidying up done the day before. You say to yourself, come on, I'm still going to make him a nice meal, he's going to come from work tired, maybe upset, we're going to relax with some good food and a little drink!

Here we go, you put yourself behind the stove, with a little music it also feels good for yourself. You innovate, look for an original recipe to surprise him, you take time, doubt that it's good but you're just happy because you're sure it will make him happy when he arrives after struggling in traffic jams or in the metro .

That's when he arrives, says hello, undresses, tells you his shit from the office and asks you in a normal way as if it's obvious: What are we eating tonight? !

You say to yourself OK… you answer him and put the meal on the table, Monsieur slips into his chair, does not even wait for you and begins to straddle his first bite and chews to the fullest chain of bites!

You arrive, you start eating and you answer him: “Bon appétit Doudou and thank you anyway for this delicious meal! »

He replies in amazement: “Ah yes darling sorry but it's too good, I didn't have time to say thank you I was too hungry! »

Has this ever happened to you girls? Tell me in the comments if I'm the only one who has a guy like that!

Jade and Thierry

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November 03, 2021 — Chérie Doudou

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