This year with my darling, we are going to celebrate our 12 years together! When we tell people this duration, they are surprised because it is no longer in the habit...

We feel out of the ordinary, different from our celib friends who tell us that it's too much of a headache, that he prefers to be alone

Either, we respect everyone's opinion and life but we realize that these 12 years have been great for everyone, when we do a little review, we realize that we have evolved, we have grown as that nobody that our adventure allowed us to have huge memories, even the bad ones make us laugh now. Going through storms together has made us stronger and we want to have even more projects and the desire to do lots of things together!

We realize that the couple is an adventure, you leave on a raft and you try with your co-pilot to build a liner as the years pass through the storms and taking advantage of the moments of sun and heat that life has in store for you!

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Jade and Thierry


February 16, 2022 — Chérie Doudou

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