When I favor humor over criticism, we have a better evening. The message gets through, but at least we laugh and it doesn't end in loud voices, or everyone on their side of the sofa.

The typical example is the case where I could sigh deeply and overwhelm him with reproaches because he still seems not to have integrated that in order to keep our floor clean, we must take off our shoes at the entrance . I see him walking with his big pumps all over the apartment, on the kitchen tiles, on the beautiful parquet floor in the bedroom, in short.

Instead of getting upset , I take him in my arms, we wonder how our day went, and then on the way I step on his feet and I say to him “hey? your socks are hard. He just has to answer "ha ha ha". Wink. The debate is closed.

It may depend on the couples, but for us, a lot of things pass with humor. 😉

Do you manage to calm Doudou with humor? Look forward to reading your comments!

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"A couple that lasts"
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September 15, 2021 — Chérie Doudou

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