When I ask him a question, when I ask his opinion, when I want to know which option he prefers, it's not to hear him say: “as you wish” . It annoys me !!!

If I absolutely wanted to do as I want, I will. If I ask him, it's because his point of view interests me , and in general it will be determining for the continuation. It can be related to a simple choice of "what are we eating tonight?" or a larger project.

And then we are a couple, I don't do exactly "as I want". I do what we decide, together, to do.

There's another thing, maybe by answering "whatever you want", he really wants to leave the choice to me, that he doesn't care, and that he doesn't want to make the decision. But the problem is that I too have trouble making a decision... So I rely on him, and we find ourselves in an endless debate:

As you wish !

But you, what do you want?

Well I don't know, I asked your opinion!

But I don't care, do what you want!!!

But I don't want to do what you want, I want to do WHAT MAKES YOU PLEASURE!!!

Well my beautiful love, if what gives you pleasure is to tell me "whatever you want", we will do what I want then. 🙂

How about you darlings ? What are the 3 words your Doudou says to you that annoy you?

Tell us in the comments!

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"A couple that lasts and goes well"
September 01, 2021 — Chérie Doudou

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