In a relationship for 12 years with my wife, I understood that making her a daily gesture of love allowed her to reassure her of my attachment and my affection for her!

Always in speed with professional and family obligations, I didn't take the time to give her a little attention, I didn't necessarily see the point in it... The fact of being with her every day, of providing for the needs of the home was already a great proof of love!

But after a discussion and taking a step back, I understood that she needed to feel every day that I was with her and that my feelings had not changed for all these years!

That's why I now force myself to make a small gesture to him regularly instead of giving him a BEAUTIFUL expensive gift every 2 years. It has been 4 years now that she has been given a small present regularly and she is more than satisfied each time! I was surprised at first because the gift was simple but I understood that it was really the intention that counted for her and that just knowing that I was thinking of her by giving her a little something made her happy and reassured. . I admit that it also helps to avoid unnecessary arguments...

This is therefore the genesis of Chériedoudou! A site for men in a relationship who wish to maintain their relationship and prove to their wife on a daily basis that she is more than important in their life, without breaking the bank!

I hope you will enjoy this site and that your women will have their smile of happy and fulfilled woman as often as possible!